Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Psalm 105:19

So the other night I was at the House of Blues - because you all know that I frequent the House of Blues @ Mandalay Bay, especially @ 10pm! Anyway, I was there to watch MP&Co. play (their second time playing there and they did an amazing job!) It was one of those times when I really wasn't sure if I should go because it was so late at night and I had to get up early for school the next morning, so I knew I needed to go but was not looking forward to being up late and getting up early.
So I ended up going, of course, and ate dinner there with some friends because I had been to Bible Study right before and had not eaten dinner yet. So we get our food eat and get the bill and we are absolutely floored by the price! For 5 meals out bill was $111.00! INSANE!! So as we are sitting and trying to figure out all of the craziness with our bill, a friend of mine came over to day hi! It was Brea Gotthardt. She had come this time because Paul, her husband, had come to hear the guys the last time they were at House of Blues and told her that she had to come this time. And she was so excited! We were talking and I began sharing with her about all that God was doing in mine and Zeke's life with our big move coming up and then all that God was doing in my family because of my dad's diagnoses of cancer. She stood there and listened to my story and then she said that she was so excited for Zeke and I and all that God was doing and going to do in our lives. She shared with me that she thought it was so great because there will be others watching me and my family as we handle each and every part of this situation that God has blessed us with. And who knows who will grow closer to God or come to know God through watching us handle this situation. She then proceeded to give me homework! :) She wrote down Psalm 105 on a napkin (that by the way totally had someone's gum in it!) and told me to read through this chapter and that I was looking for a verse that told about the life of Joseph. So I took the napkin and put it in my purse (after I tore off the part with the gum in it!) and when I got home I pulled it out and read through Psalm 105. As I read through, the chapter I came to verse 19, and it says "Until the time came to fulfill Joseph's dream, the Lord tested his character." God spoke so clearly to me through that verse and the conversation with Brea that first of all God has brought this into the life of my family. He knows exactly what is going on and it never surprised Him in the least! And secondly that God has a purpose for this situation. There is something that He desires to accomplish in me and/or through me by using this. I remember talking about trials in our James Bible Study this past Fall and one of the things that was brought up was that it is much easier to handle trials that come into our lives when we realize that there is a purpose for them! I guess that is where I am right now! I realize that there is a reason for all of this and I just need to keep seeking after God with all my heart. When we seek Him, He will most certainly be found! :)


  1. Layne,
    I am so excited about you coming back to Tennessee!! My how life has changed since we were in the youth group together. I miss those days!! We will have to do lunch and catch up:)
    Karen Adcock Hall

  2. What a blessing to have a Godly daughter and son(inlaw) that continually speak truth into my life. Thanks Layne and thank Brea too when you see her.