Sunday, April 12, 2009

Extreme Make Over Home Edition

I absolutely love this show! And I absolutely love the family on the show this week!
This family has adopted children from China. Older children with special needs that would not be adopted in many other situations. When Ty asked the mother about why they chose to adopt, she simply said "They needed a place to live." So matter-of-factly! So amazing! Not over complicated, just the simple truth. They needed a place to live, and we have a place.
As they went through the house, Ty noticed a bowl of rice grains sitting on the table. The lady explained to him that in Chinese culture, a full rice bowl is a sign of having all you need, not being in want.
We are only 20 mins in to the show! If you missed this episode you should watch it online! :)

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  1. My daughter and I watched it last night and cried all the way through it! So sad, but very uplifting also. At the end when Stevie Wonder was singing and the mom was signing for the deaf daughter, did you see her doing the sign for "I'm here to say that God loves you"!!! And the blind daughter wanted the whole Bible in braile. It was really awesome.