Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I have not had the chance to blog in a while, but I just had to tonight! I just got home from a Living Free Bible Study that I am in on Thursday nights and I am honestly just overwhelmed with how incredible and amazing God is!
In the study tonight we were discussing satisfaction and that we can only find satisfaction in God. Through the course of this conversation we got on the topic of how incredibly BIG our God is. One of the points that was brought up was that when situations that arise in our lives appear to be overwhelmingly big, we need to remind ourselves that God is bigger!
I thought about that through the whole study tonight and then on the way home the song "O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing" (David Crowder Version) came on the radio. I have to take a minute right here and say this is one of those songs that rings through my mind for days after I hear it! I love it! It is absolutely amazing! So as I am pulling into the apartment complex it is still on and I am thinking to myself :I have to blog about this song! If for no other reason than to simply share the lyrics with family and friends!" SO I knew I would have to look up the lyrics when I got inside.
So I finally got to a point where I could sit at the computer and look up the lyrics. And once I looked up the lyrics, I wanted to know the history of the song. So I looked that up to! :) And the story just blessed me! Charles Wesley wrote this hymn/poem one year after coming to know Christ. He and his brother were sick and a group of Christians began to care for them. Charles began to read the Bible and God began revealing Himself to Charles. This is when he says he came to know Christ. God began to heal his body and his brother also and the two were so grateful for the healing that they wrote a hymn. Then one year after this event they wrote the song "O, For a Thousand Tongues To Sing," (not its original name) to celebrate their healing and life-change! The song that we know now is only a portion of the original poem. Here it is:

O, for a thousand tongues to sing
My great Redeemer’s praise
The glories of my God and King
The triumphs of His grace

My gracious Master and my God
Assist me to proclaim
To spread through all the earth abroad
The honors of Thy name

So come on and sing out
Let our anthem grow loud
There is one great love Jesus

Jesus, the name that charms our fears
That bids our sorrows cease
‘Tis music in the sinner’s ears
‘Tis life and health and peace

He breaks the power of cancelled sin
He sets the prisoners free
His blood can make the foulest clean
His blood availed for me

He speaks and listening to His voice
New life the dead receive
The mournful broken hearts rejoice
The humble poor believe

Glory to God and praise and love
Be ever, ever giv’n
By saints below and saints above
The church in earth and Heav’n

There are so few words
That never grow old
There are so few words
That never grow old

The italicized portions are add-ins done by David Crowder.

This song is incredible! I love the words! It is such a reminder of how BIG and GREAT God is in our lives each day! I especially love the chorus added in at the end of the song. How true that there are so few words that we never tire of using! So many words come in and out with fads, but Jesus is not one of those words! The sound of His name never gets old!

I hope this encourages those who read to remember how BIG our God is! No matter what the situation we face, He is bigger!

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