Thursday, August 27, 2009

Latest on My Parents

So we finally got the test results from my mom's stress test yesterday and they saw what they think might be some blockage, so they are going to do an arteriagram (not sure if that spelling is correct) this afternoon. If there is a blockage they will balloon it or do a stint while they are in there. I will be over there with her with in the next half hour. She is at Vanderbilt Hospital.

I am currently at Centennial Hospital with daddy and Mr. Marty. (Watching the Price is Right - Daddy's normal routine!) Daddy is doing great. He has already been up walking and right now is sitting up in the chair and has been on the computer this morning already. He has not had much sleep thanks to the morphine drip machine. It is set to beep when his heart rate gets above or below a certain number and as soon as he gets to the point where he can sleep his heart rate gets below that number and the machine goes off on him! but he is well taken care of here at Centennial and as far as we know things are still on for him to go home tomorrow. We should know more after we hear from the doctor - he has not come by yet.

So, we are doing good just a little scattered at the moment! :) Please continue to pray that Momma and Daddy will continue to heal and be able to go home soon! :) Well, I am gonna leave it at that so I can head over to be with Momma. If you want or need to get in touch with us you can call my cell, 702-672-4833, or call Zeke @ the house and he can get you to us!
Thanks so much for your prayers! :)

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