Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Funny First Graders!

Ok, so i haven't blogged in a while! First grade has kept me busy! But today one of them told me something that was so funny I realized I should share some of the funnier moments of first grade here on my blog in an effort to remember them myself and maybe share a little bit of the joy these precious kids bring into my room each morning!

So one of the first funny moments I had this school year was sitting in the gym for a talent show. The students were asked to bring in $1 for "admission" to the talent show as a fundraiser for the music department. We were about halfway through the talent show (having heard Miley Cyrus's Hoedown Throwdown about 5 times by this point!) and the little boy sitting beside me looks up at me and asks "Is this what I paid $1 for?" I just smiled and said "It sure is." :)

The other day I was sorting through some papers and came across a project we had worked on for the 100th day of school. the students were given a piece of paper that said "When I am 100 Years old I think I will look like..." and there was a space below where they could draw a picture. We had lots of projects going on that day and I had not had a chance to look at every student's drawing, so I was taking this chance to look through them. They were all really cute and were pretty much just pictures of people walking with canes. But then I saw of my students had drawn a picture of a hill and colored it completely black and there were dark gray clouds in the sky with lightening bolts coming down from them and then I took a closer look and saw that he had written the word "cemetary" - well, his version of the word - across the top of the page! So when asked what he will look like when he is 10 years old, this first grader had drawn a graveyard! LOL!

We were having some issues with students being quiet in the bathroom so I decided we needed bathroom monitors. One of my students was so excited about us having bathroom monitors that he would ask me a question about them everytime we took a bathroom break. The only thing was he did not quite understand the name "bathroom monitors" he kept asking me questions about the "thermometers"! I tried to tell him "yes they are the bathroom monitors," but he still called them thermometers! :)

Today, one of the girls in my class was getting her backpack all packed up and she had a new purse that she was showing me and telling me about, then she said "and my mom got me a new video game yesterday!" and she pulled something halfway out of her bag to show me. I was looking through some papers so I only caught a glimpse of what she pulled out. It took me a second to register what it actually was that she had pulled out of her bag. When I realized, I asked her to show it to me again. She pulled it out and I almost dies laughing! It was a digital thermostat! She had it in her purse and she thought it was the neatest video game! She said she played it last night before bed! :)And that the screen lit up all green and you have to find the right numbers! :) So precious!

That's all I can think of right now! I hope you enjoyed those! :) I am sure I will have more later! :)

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