Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ok, so just to let you all know what is going on...We went this morning to Nashville and my dad had another colonoscopy done just to double check that everything looked good and would be ok for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday). So we waited forever for them to take him beack and they finally did and less than 15 mins later the procedure was done. Everything looks fine and we are on for tomorrow morning @ 8am!

However, on the way home, my mom started having some shortness of breath and chest pain. We got home and ate lunch and she wasn't feeling any better, so I went with her to the ER. They did an EKG and took blood and did a few other tests but nothing seemed abnormal.
Momma had already been referred to a cardiologist that she was going to go see on Thursday morning. But since this was the second time this week that she had been seen because she had shortness of breath, the cardiologist decided to play it safe and have her go on to Vanderbilt and stay overnight and have a stress test done in the morning. This is simply precautionary - she has not had a heart attack or even had severe chest pains. The doctor just wants to figure out what the problem is so that the issue can be resolved.

Momma is upset about having to go because Daddy's reversal surgery is tomorrow morning and she hates to miss it, but we all know that she needs to go and make sure everything is ok with her. Please pray that everything will go well tomorrow for both of them!

Paula is going with Momma to Vanderbilt tonight, and is going to stay with her through the night and until she is finished with everything tomorrow. They just left about 20 mins ago so they should get to Vandy about 11pm. Pray that everyone gets rest tonight and that tomorrow goes smoothly!

Thanks so much for all your prayers! We truly appreciate them! :)

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  1. Hey girl! We're praying for all of this! I'm glad you cleared everything up! You never know what's being sent around! God is awesome--just remember to give it all to Him & praise Him, even in the storm. ~Renee S.