Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about that word lately. The thoughts that have been going through my head about this word are thoughts about how this word relates to my everyday life. It is overwhelming to think that as I daily spend time with God he fills me with the Truth of who He is. As this happens daily I am filled to the point that I can no longer contain it, and the love and truth that Christ fills me with overflow out of me. The cool thing here is that these things don't just flow out of me and into only one small part of my life, they flow out into every part of my life. If I pour water into a glass until it cannot contain any more water, the water overflows onto the table. When that happens, the water does not get one thing on the table wet and then snake around other things on the table so that they stay dry. This is not how it works! The water flows. It flows out in every direction and soaks everything around life should look like this! The love of Christ that fills me to the overflow point should flow out of me and soak everyone around me...not just the people it is easy to soak with the love of Christ, but everyone that is around me!

Lord, help my life to reflect the truth of who You are by allowing the love you fill me with to overflow onto everyone around me! Let this be the case when it is easy to share your love, and even when it isn't to share your love. Use the overflow of Your love in my life to bring You glory!

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