Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update :)

Wow, so it has been too long since I have blogged! Honestly, there just has not been time! So that means I have a lot to catch up on. Here we go...
In February, Zeke was offered and accepted a position as the Minister of Worship and Students at First Baptist Church Carthage. We are so excited about this opportunity! :) So for the last few weeks we have been traveling back and forth between Shelbyville and Carthage, and will continue to do so until the school year is over (May 27th - not that I have that date memorized or anything!).
Along with the excitement of moving comes the excitement of purchasing our first home! We are super excited about that! I have bee out running around Carthage today getting all the utilities set! We get the keys this Saturday! Here is a picture of our new house! :) I will post some of the inside later!
We are looking forward to all that God is going to do in and through our lives during this time, and all that He is going to do in the lives of those in Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee, and ultimately around the world as FBC Carthage follows after Him! :)
I am still teaching first grade, but on Spring Break this week - yay! :) I am really enjoying my time with these students! Here is a funny story I have to share with you about my little first graders: The other week, they were all excited to tell me about their Easter plans. So I heard stories about egg hunts and family dinners, and one little boy told me that He was getting baptized on Easter. One of the other students heard him and asked "What's that - Baptized?" Before I could answer, another student, who in the past has presented some interesting views about church tells the one who asked "It's when you get saved and the Holy Ghost comes all up in you." to which the one asking the question responds "Oh, my momma got that. There's no ghost!" I was trying my best not to laugh at that moment, but inside I was laughing so hard! I am definitely going to miss my time with these precious first graders! :)
I am going to post again in a little while, but that is all for now! :)

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  1. Layne & Zeke, how exciting to see how God is using and blessing you!! I LOVE you new house and look forward to seeing more photos!! WOW!! God has been soooo good to you two, and I'm just thrilled to know how well you both are doing, although deep in my heart I wish you were still here!! I love and miss you two!!
    MS. Gloria :-)