Saturday, June 6, 2009

So a lot has happened since I last blogged. One of the most exciting things was that Zeke and I got to go to a Hillsong United Concert with some friends here in Tennessee. If you have never listened to Hillsong or Hillsong United, You need to start NOW!!!
I had heard them before, had actually been listening to pretty much nothing but their "This Is Our God" CD for the last few months! It is amazing! The week before the concert their newest Hillsong United CD came out and we bought it on iTunes and had been listening to it the whole week.
There are so many amazing songs on these CDs and just when I think I have gotten all out of the CD that I can possibly get God speaks to me through something else in these songs!
So we were super excited about going to this concert just to catch a glimpse of how they view worship - in person this time, not from the CD. It was absolutely amazing! I am still a little overwhelmed thinking about it! God showed up in such an amazing way and we got to get in on it! With hundreds of people singing together to God and worship leaders who flew thousands of miles just to lead us before the throne of Christ. They shared with us that when they first began traveling to lead worship at events like this, they did not charge for the event. However this did not work out well, because they had people coming from 14 hours away that waited in line and then were not able to get into the concert because there was no more room for them in the venue! So they decided that they would charge the lowest ticket price at the given venue and all of that money would go back into their ministry and help them travel to places like Africa where people would not be able to afford an event like this.For those of you that don't know this group, Hillsong United, is the worship team for the student ministry @ Hillsong Church in Austrailia. So no one on the stage got any money out of the experience. It was amazing!

So all that information to get to this point. One thing God has really been speaking to me about over the last week is worship. So many times we allow ourselves to be distracted from worshiping because of the smallest things! When we are in group settings we focus on the people around us, what they are doing, what ehy are thinking, who they are looking at, etc. Yet even when we are alone distractions creep in as we seek to worship our heavenly father! We also allow life's circumstances to dictate whether or not we truly worship Him. the funny thing to me is that the Bible teaches us that God never changes! He is constant! Hebrews 13:8 says "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." There is an amzing song by Hillsong called "The Desert Song" The bridge of the song says this " All of my life, In every season, You are still God, I have a reason to worship." The point is, those of us that are Christians know the goodness of God! We know Him well enough to know that there is never anything that can come into our lives that does not give us a reason to worship. He gave to us something that no one else ever could! Life!! There will always be something to distract us, Satan will always try to convince us that God is not worthy of our worship, but we know better! Something to ponder as we live life with Him!

The next exciting thing it that we are heading to camp on Monday!! I am so excited! I have not been to camp in 3 years!! I have missd it so much! :) Please pray for us as we go! We will be in Alabama for the week (enough reason to pray already! LOL). There will be about a hundred of us total going down for the week! Please pray that God would move in a mighty way! That leaders and students would surrender to God and His work in their lives! That what God does this next week would flow over into the church families of the students! That they would catcha glimpse of God's glory as He shows up at camp next week! I am so excited about what God is going to do! I know He is going to move in an amazing way!

I guess I should stop for now cause this is pretty long! :)

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  1. Great word Layne. Your writing is amazing and you bring such a great tool the the table when it comes to making God known through your writting. Great words and most of all great message. It challenged me. I love you and thank you.